Tuesday, 21 March 2006

DVD Player : Pioneer Vs. Samsung

About my old post here http://sekoyenworld.blogspot.com/2005/11/finally-sony-has-arrived.html I mentioned to buy a new DVD player.

My choices are Pioneer 383/686 and Samsung HD850. Actually, I changed to Pioneer 585k because it has karaoke function.

Pioneer DV-585K-S
Price : RM 380

Advanced DVD player with DivX® video playback and karaoke function.
An advanced DVD player featuring karaoke, high-resolution pictures, and a wide range of compatible formats-including DivX® video


108MHz/12-bit D/A converter
DivX® video playback
Video Adjust function with Sharpness/Brightness/Contrast/Gamma/Hue/Chroma Level control
PhotoViewer (JPEG playback**)

Audio Features
192kHz/24-bit D/A converter
WMA/MP3 playback
Sound Equalizer (Rock/Pop/Live/Dance/Techno/Classic/Soft)
Virtual Surround
Karaoke functions with Mic Echo and Digital Key Control

The Second Choice is Samsung HD850
Price: RM 580
720p / 1080i Up-Conversion
HDMI™ Output
Multi Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)
192KHz / 24bit Audio DAC
DVD / CD / MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback
Digital Audio Output (Optical / Coaxial)

I am more bias towards Pioneer because of it's karaoke function. So I bought it from an electronic shop infront of Giant Plentong, JB. Take it home.( Yeah, I forgot to test it first! Because I am so excited) At home, I am so angry when it cannot play the DVD at all. On the screen there are options to select region 1,2,3,4,5,6.. but unfortunately pressing the remote have no effect. it hung there.

I sent the one day DVD player to Pioneer service center and they solved it in 10 minutes. So I brought it home again. Want to watch Lord of the Ring, but.... after 10 minutes watching, the DVD player restart itself. Then it cannot play the movie properly but retstart itself in one or two minutes.

The next day, I went to the shop again and tell them the problem. They agree to replace it to other model because the 585 is out of stock. So I chosed the Samsung HD850 and add RM200. Test it and after I satisfied, I went home.

The story happened on last December 2005. And until now I am still using the HD850 without a single problem... but no karaoke function :(

Overall, I am very satisfied with Samsung HD850 because the built quality is 10 times better than the Pioneer, off course, the price is almost double.. It also support 720p/1080i up conversion which my new Sony HDTV also support it. So this model is so right for my TV. But the Pioneer have more functions in contolling the video and audio.

This is how I change the display setting of HD850 to use 1080i. Insert a DVD, do not play it yet. Press Video Sel (Video Select) button on the remote. Press once, will change the display to Composite(S-Video), you should select this if you are using the S-Video cable. The display will turn red if the S-Video port is not connected. Another Video Sel press on the remote will change the display to Component(I-Scan). The third time will change the TV display to HDMI/Component(P-Scan). Only in this display mode you could change the display to 468P, 720P, 768P and 1080i by pressing the HDMI Sel (HDMI Select) . I found, watching The Lord of The Ring with 1080i is a marvellous experience. The picture is so sharp, detail and live. However, your TV must support the resolution. My Sony DB29M61 HDTV have no problem with it.

Hopefully, in the next firmware upgrade, the player will be able to read WMV format file and able to have subtitle when play DIVX file. Currently, HD850 able to play DIVX (avi) file, MPG, MP3, WMA. I heard some fellas could play the subtitle in SRT format, I have try to search everywhere and could not find the correct way to do that. The manual do not cover the subject in details. It only tell the player able to read DIVX files :(

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