Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Teluk Sengat, Johor

Up above is a scenery at Teluk Sengat a.k.a Johor Lama, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia. I just visit there last month where I have my personal tailor there to make my 'baju melayu' for 2005 Aidilfitri.

Haha.. actually, not my personal tailor. I just like his handwork and I make my 'baju Melayu' every year there.

Here is another view at Teluk Sengat.

Teluk sengat is located about 27km from Kota Tinggi and about 30km from Desaru. This place is really important in Johor history where Kota Johor Lama (now is a kampung near Teluk Sengat)was a capital of Johor 400 years ago.

Johor Lama first arose under the rule of Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah circa 1540. Its strategic location right by Johor river, the clever use of the natural terrain and the construction of fort walls, enabled Johor Lama to become a secure trading post for the region. Its elevated location allowed for a strategic view of the river estuary. But around 1587, the settlement was attacked and destroyed by the Portuguese invaders.

If you happen to visit Johor Lama today, you will still be able to see remnants of the historical settlement, though not as impressive as it once must have been. Surrounded by earthen walls, some 10 to 25 feet high, the fort managed to fend of marauding enemies until the defeat to the Portuguese. Two tombs can be found near the fort, which are believed to be of Sultan Alauddin and his warriors'.

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