Saturday, 26 November 2005

Finally, The Sony has arrived

Finally, I got the TV. The delivery lorry came at 6:30pm and they finished doing some technical stuffs at 7pm.

Now I got the HDTV :) what's next?

I found that the TV picture's quality is so so, may be because the tv signal's reception in my area is not good. But some channel, especialy from Singapore's TCS 8, the picture is a very good. Yeah, much better from my old TV. Tried my PS2 to play DVD (I do not have DVD player, remember?), playing Spiderman 2. Oh my God! The picture quality is superb. Oh, I only use the ordinary RGB cable. Planning to buy component cable to connect PS2 to the HDTV as soon as possible.

Also played some VCD from my old Samsung VCD player. Off course, the picture's quality is much better from my old TV.

Try different display setting which is DRC1250, DRC100 and Progressive. Surfed some website about those names because I do not have any idea at all and found this:

DRC1250:Sony's unique signal processing algorithm improves picture density by doubling both the horizontal and vertical pixels in real-time. With the double-interlaced scanning lines and horizontal pixels, picture density improves tremendously. DRC1250 is optimal for viewing general broadcasting and prerecorded movies on digital media. Perfect technology that reaps multiple benefits for those who demand clarity of image and sharp detail. The benefits of DRC1250 is more obvious with digital broadcasting where picture quality depends on the quality of the TV receiving the signals.

DRC Progressive: A normal TV uses interlaced scanning to scan TV signals first in odd, then even fields (or lines). This mean it takes two fields for a TV to complete a scan of one frame of broadcast image at 25 frames a second. DRC Progressive scans the lines all at once to give you 50 frames a second. So what you get is the upper super-still text so necessary for the interactive content and richer text that digital broadcasting will bring - like electronic programming guides (EPGs) and digital Teletext. And with 2x picture density, you'll also get superior picture that will add to your TV enjoyment.

WEGA Engine By integrating Sony's exclusive and advanced digital technologies within one powerful processor, the new WEGA Engine ensures 'Full Digital Processing' to deliver superior image quality with less noise, better resolution, superb contrast and greater reality.

From Sony Support:

When should the DRC1250 feature be selected?

It is ideal to select the DRC1250 feature when viewing general broadcast programmes and pre-recorded movies on digital media like DVDs and digital videos.
The DRC1250 feature is Sony's original and unique advantage of digital-signal processing doubles both the horizontal and vertical density in real-time. There are two times as many interlaced scanning lines and horizontal pixels, which minimises visible scanning lines. All these result in superior picture quality.

However, I always choose DRC Progressive! :)

The Sony DB29M61 only 3 choice of display setting which is Vivid, Standard and custom, and you could create ONE custom display setting. The vivid setting is so sharp. I think it's only suitable for the showroom.

It also got 3 choice of equillizer sound selection. Dynamic, standard and custom. And you may create one custom sound setting. Other than that, there is surround sound to select. The surround sound, however, is not good enough. The treble is so high, but the bass is also high. I cannot found any balance with those setting. So, I just turn the Surround to Off and select the equilizer to Dynamic.

By the way, I still hunting for a new DVD player. Two models in my head are Pioneer 383/686 and Samsung HD850.

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