Friday, 21 April 2006

Bittorrent Clients - Azureus, ABC, BitTornado, BitComet and utorrent

I have used many bittorrent clients. The first one was ABC (Yet Another Bittorrent Client). It is very simple, but still I got the file I wanted. I only need to configure the port. Then download. I am using 1MB kbps bandwidth TM Net Streamyx line. The maximum download rate should be 128kBps, but it is impossible to get that rate. The maximum rate I got is 125kBps. Well, it is very good. I only got the rate when I set the upload rate to 32kBps. But the downside of ABC, it will make your PC to crawl after a few hours using it. It is strange. At first, when I started the client, it will run smoothly. But after a few hours, I will hardly open or run any application. So, I only run it at night when I sleep. Although the problem, I use it for couples of months!

Then I try to search other clients. I tried Azureus. It is a java bittorent client. You can use it in Windows or Linux. I have one partition installed with Red Hat Linux in my system. So, I found it quite useful for me. The interface is very good and quite user friendly. It is very different from ABC. There are so many functions and options. Unfortunately, it is very hungry resource. I only use Pentium III 866MHz with 256 MB RAM. I do not think this client suite for my system. And another minus, I could not get the maximum download rate which I got when I use ABC. The fastest I got was 60kBps, no matter how I configured it. So, I dropped this Azureus.

I also have tried BitTornado. I only tried it a few times. And I did not like the interface and the function is not within my taste range. Another client I tried was BitComet, which is claimed to be the most powerful client. The interface is very good. Have many functions and options. It is not so resource hungry. My system run fine with it. But.. yes ..But.. the maximum download rate I got is 60-70kBps. I have tried changed it's setting. Many configuration guided by it's forum. But it does not want to get higher. It also has unstable download rate. Sometimes high and sometime crawling.

Then I tried utorrent. After I download it and want to install it, I was a little surprised because it does not need any installation. Just download and run. It is very light. Double clicked and it pop out just like that. Like you click on start menu of your Windows. With utorrent running, I have no difficulty to run other application, and the speed is almost stable. It's interface is not bad at all. Now, the latest version is 1.5, which the interface is the best from any other client I have tried before. My favourite window is the speed graph. I can see how stable is the speed when downloading. Another good thing is I got 100kBps stable download rate at most downloads. I got that speed when using this setting:

My Optimal Utorrent Configuration

  • Enable Upnp port mapping (checked)

  • Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions (checked)

  • Global maximum upload rate (30) kB/s

  • Alternate upload (35) kB/s

  • Global maximum number of connections: 150

  • Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 50

  • Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

  • Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%: (checked)

  • Maximum number of active torrent: 3

  • Maximum number of active downloads: 2

  • Enable DHT network (unchecked)

  • Enable DHT for new torrent (unchecked)

  • Enable Peer Exchange (checked)

  • Enable scrapping (checked)

  • Pre-allocate all files (unchecked)

  • Seed ration: 150%

That's all. Other than that, I just leave it as default. My internet speed is 1MB kbps download and 384 kbps upload, and I my system is Pentium III 866MHz with 256MB RAM.

My Torrents Site List
I have some favourites site which I always hanging around or download torrents from.

International torrents
3. - Only TV series torrents.

Malaysian torrents
1. Jiwang Torrents
2. TorrentMalaya

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