Sunday, 16 April 2006

My computers make troubles

I got 3 computers, which 2 of them are o.k. and 1 is k.o... The first one is what I am using right now. Another one, a very old Pentium II 350 with 192MB RAM and 8MB AGP, cannot start, which I have no time to look at it for weeks. The last one is quite okay, Pentium III 933MHz with 128MB RAM and 64MB AGP card, but sometimes it will hang if I use MS Office. No problem if I use it for surfing, playing games and converting media files for hours.

Today, I got some free time so I try to look at the second computer. After some testing, I found out that one piece of 64MB RAM was faulty. So I took it out. And the computer can be started and run fine. I asked my son to play The Need For Speed SE, and no problem at all with 128MB RAM left.

Got more time, so I thought what if I test the faulty RAM in the third computer. To confirm whether it is really faulty. Then I open the third computer's case and put the RAM into it. The computer could not be booted up. Okay, so it is confirmed that the RAM was faulty. So, I took the RAM out, and push the start button. But, unfortunately the computer did want to start. What happened? I thought I did not do anything stupid. Oh no, I already did. The stupid thing I did is to test the bad RAM in the good computer. I tried everything, but failed to fix it. There is somebody say that "if it is not broken do not fix it". Hmm..

And again.. I got 2 o.k. computers and 1 k.o. computer.

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