Friday, 21 April 2006

DivX Pro 6 Preview

Last night I tried DivX Pro 6 Converter. Previously, I had convert a concert WMV file to MPG and Lumix FX9 MOV to MPG using TMPGenc XPress, and the quality is excellent. Then last night, I tried to use DivX Pro 6 to convert this file to smaller size but not loose any quality.

The converter is so simple. You only need to drag and drop any file you want to convert and click convert button. There is not much setting can be changed. In the converter itself, there is no configuration button. If you want to change the configuration, you have to change from the codec configuration utility. Hence, there is not much to change though. I just leave it as default. There is more setting options in DivX Pro Converter 6.1.

From my experiments, I found that when I convert an MPG of a concert which I had converted from WMV, the quality is excellent but in a smaller size. Original MPG is 13MB, convert to DIVX using DivXPro 6 Converter, the size decrease to about 9MB. I also convert the original WMV to DIVX, and the quality is also excellent.

Another experiment, I converted an MPG file which was from MOV and I found that the quality is worse where viewable block everywhere in the video. And another bad things, the converter cannot open MOV file. So could not convert MOV directly to DIVX.

My conclusion, I will use the DivXPro 6 Converter to convert my WMV files and stick to use TMPGEnc to convert my MOV file to MPG.

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