Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Try to repair my desktop computer

In one of my post here, I repaired one of my desktop PC but ruined another one. So today, I tried to replace the motherboard.

On that day, when the computer could not boot up, I thought it was because it have a not-so-good motherboard. This desktop PC although have Pentium III 933, 128MB RAM and 64MB AGP display card, the performance is bad. In fact, it is slower then my Pentium II 350 with 192MB RAM. How could it be? It happened after I changed the motherboard last year, after it was striked by lightning.

So, when it could not boot up, I thought it was because of the motherboard. I quickly bought a second hand motherboard from Got one good specification motherboard with 370 pin socket, so I just bid it until I won.

Today, I received the motherboard, but in a not-so-good packing. He only put the motherboard into a thin old plastic bag and put it in a box full of newspaper. I quickly assembles it into the ruined desktop PC.

Unfortunately, ...

Unfortunately, it also cannot boot up.

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